InfaSecure   Luxi II Vogue Convertible Car Seat Newborn 0 to 8  Years

InfaSecure Luxi II Vogue Convertible Car Seat Newborn 0 to 8 Years

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     a stylish car seat that is suitable from birth and will last till your child is approximately 8 years old.
  • The perfect balance of style and safety, designed to complement your car's modern interior.
  • The Luxi Vogue features three configurations - rearward facing for infants (approx. birth to 12 months), forward facing with harness for younger children (approx. 12 months to 4 years), and booster seat mode for older children (approx. 4 years to 8 years).
  • The Luxi Vogue features a narrow base, making access to the vehicle seat belt buckle easy and allowing for better placement on contoured vehicle seats. In conjunction with a single belt path, installation is quick and simple.
  • The Luxi Vogue also features a blow moulded, air-filled adjustable headrest, five shoulder slot heights, and nine recline positions, ensuring your child is able to be fitted correctly and comfortably.
  • The deluxe covers come in 3 stylish, modern colours designed to complement your car's modern interior. They feature press-stud attachment to the shell for easy removal for cleaning. A soft, ergonomic infant insert for smaller babies has been designed for style and comfort. Shoulder and crotch buckle pads, and a seat protector are also included.
  • The Infa Secure Luxi Vogue features Air Cocoon Technology. Air Cocoon Technology enhances protection by dramatically reducing the impact forces during a crash. It utilises a layer of air held inside the entirety of the child restraint shell, offering an increased level of protection across the entire surface area of the restraint. Your child is quite literally cradled in a cocoon of air, offering a true 180 degrees of protection to your child's vital organs.
  • Air Cocoon Technology integrated child restraints start their life as an actual pillow of air. This pillow is moulded into a child restraint, retaining the pillow-like construction while adding incredible strength and structural integrity. This manufacturing process is called blow-moulding, as opposed to injection moulding, which is a single, hard layer of plastic. A good way to compare the two is to imagine a soft drink bottle (blow-moulding) to a plastic plate (injection moulding), that is a two layer, air-filled construction, opposed to a single layer, hard construction.
  • Air Cocoon Technology integrated child restraints offer exceptional energy attenuation - that is they dissipate the energy produced in a car crash. Injection moulded child restraints have no option but to attach additional air-bags, air-cushions and other ancillary materials to achieve a comparable performance to InfaSecure's Air Cocoon Technology integrated child restraints. And, unlike most other child restraints, Air Cocoon technology performs in this way across all locations of the child restraint, not just at the headrest.