Framed Prints

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Framed Art Prints will allow you to decorate that special wall, to the size of print that will best suit your space. Available in horizontal 92x122cm and vertical 122x92cm (image size). Ideal for homes or offices to give that wall your special touch and focal point. A Frame Art Print on a wall makes a bold statement, it sets the mood for the room and tells the story of the person and their decorating style. Indulge your decorating flare to the maximum, and keep your friends guesting as to how you can afford to decorate your home, from our affordable range of Framed Art Prints.

All our prints are made in house from local and imported quality materials.

If your after a certain size or special coloured mat board that is not listed; then contact us, as we will make the size you are after in our custom framing area to order. All you need to do, is call us on (02) 9734 0522 or use the contact us section of our website.