Grotime DAINTY Cot Baby Bed with Mattress

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Grotime DAINTY Cot With Mattress Package

This package include

1. Grotime DAINTY cot

2. Cot mattress : can option with or without mattress protector.

Grotime DAINTY Cot

The dainty cot has been specifically designed to maximise your nursery space as its name DAINTY. Because of its compact size, the Dainty Cot provides a safe and natural homely environment for infants.

Two position adjustable base minimises bending when the baby is very young. Its classic and simple style also means it will suit almost all nursery styles.


  • Adjustable base height for both Infant and Toddler modes 
  • Solid Timber Construction 
  • Modern/Functional Design
  • Mattress Size: 1100mm x 690mm x 100mm
  • Dimensions (cm): 114.0L | 74.0W | 84.0 H